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Welcome to the website of restaurant d'Vijff Vlieghen, a culinary museum!

Restaurant d'Vijff Vlieghen, situated at the Spui in the centre of Amsterdam, occupies five 17th Century houses. The restaurant was founded by Nicolaas Kroese in 1939. He originally started a public house in these same premises, offering his guests fine French and Hungarian wines, Amstel beer and his inimitable conversation.   With the help of a local woman, known as Mother Hendrina, the bar soon became a popular eating-house too. In 1948 Kroese appeared on Broadway with his 17th Century cage and its inhabitants of five copper flies.   His strange talent for Public Relations soon drew the attention of the American media. Innumerable film stars, musicians and writers beat a path to his restaurant. Amongst them Walt Disney, Danny Kaye, Orson Welles, Anne Baxter, Esther Williams, Kirk Douglas, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger and recently Michail Gorbatsjov, just to name a few.   These days, every chair in the restaurant carries a small copper plate engraved with the name of a famous person who once visited the restaurant.

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