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I am the King of the Five Flies’ Empire in Amsterdam


“I am Nicolaas the Fifth, born in 1627 and forgot to die. I am the King of the Five Flies’ Empire in Amsterdam, Holland. If you come to my Kingdom I will give you an experience you will never forget.” Promoted as founder Nicholas Kroese late 40s his Amsterdam Restaurant Five Flies in the United States, as he walked with a brass cage with five bronze flying in his hand on the street and with his charisma and impressive prevent the Americans made enthusiastic visiting his restaurant. Five Flies Restaurant exists today officially 75 years and has long been known worldwide as a must-do in Amsterdam. Especially in the United States has the restaurant a large group of fans. Enjoy good food with a good glass of wine in a unique and beautiful setting, which is where this restaurant is all about. A culinary museum is: Based in five pooled 17th century little houses, decorated in Old Dutch style with four original etchings by Rembrandt on the wall and walls lined with beautiful gold leather wallpaper from the 17th century.

We are ready for another 75 years, and hope we can welcome you soon to create a unique experience together with us!

On behalf of Restaurant d’Vijff Vlieghen, Albert Veerman, King of the Five Flies anno 2014

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